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dear everyone who has ever bullied chris colfer:












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I usually post stuff like this on my personal blog but I think this deserves to be an exception.

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me with the lovely lindsey/whatsernamelambert/project527 /#75

We were probably 10 minutes away from meeting Chris here oh my god. My life was not yet complete. And I’m holding the letter. xD


me with the lovely lindsey/whatsernamelambert/project527 /#75

We were probably 10 minutes away from meeting Chris here oh my god. My life was not yet complete. And I’m holding the letter. xD

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pictures of lindsey, hope you enjoy them <3 

The third one is Chris reading your guys’ letter. His reaction was precious. ♥

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Hey! I didn't get wind of your projects until it was too late. I'm putting together something for Chris for next Valentine's Day based on all of people's experiences with the book and movie. Please look at the ccvs2013 tag and consider submitting (and helping me promote) this project if you like it. Also if you could get your dad's quote with a pic of the two of you with the book or something that would be SO great for the project.

What a cool idea! Everyone check this out! :)


Chris Colfer at The Book Loft (July 28th)

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Also, a few random comments that my dad (who isn’t even a Glee fan) made throughout the afternoon about Chris.

"That guy’s gonna win an Oscar, and an Emmy, and another Golden Globe. He’ll be in the entertainment business a long time."

"The first time I heard that kid’s voice, it was like…shit, he sounds like he’s got perfect pitch, he’s got a great range, he’s got it all."

"What a nice guy to take time and travel around to meet his fans. He’s probably exhausted but he still takes the time to do this for you guys. He’s a class act."

"He’s only 22 years old? He’s gotta be one of the most talented performers around."

I met Chris about two hours ago in Columbus and gave him the letter. These are the best three pictures I managed to take when I was in line…most of them came out super blurry because I was shaking. :P I got up there and explained to him that I was the one who made the Project 527 birthday video and he remembered it! :D Then I handed him the letter and explained that it was on behalf of everyone who couldn’t make it, and he said “Awww!” and started looking through it. He said “Oooh, it’s so colorful, I can’t wait to read this! Thank you, honey!” and then I shook his hand and he gave me my book and I walked away shaking. I’m still shaking. The end.

So, the project was a success, and thank you SO much to all of you who contributed. I wish I could have gotten a picture of myself meeting him (I tried recording it, but my video camera picked the PERFECT moment to malfunction and all I got was maybe 10 seconds of crappy footage of the people in front of me. :P) But I just wanted to pass this on to all of you that he DID get your letter and he’s excited to read it. We did it. :)

Sooo…here it is. This is the full and final letter that I’ll be handing to Chris in approximately 19 hours (eep). The one YOU guys helped write. :) I’m also going to include a short note on a separate sheet of paper at the beginning, explaining how we went about creating this and how it’s on behalf of everyone who couldn’t make it to the tour, blah blah blah. But I haven’t written that yet. :P

I just want to thank everybody one last time for participating in this project AND the Project 527 video a few months ago. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to send love to Chris on behalf of so many incredible, devoted fans such as you lovely people. If I could bring every single one of you with me tomorrow, I totally would, but my car only seats five people (and with me and my dad tomorrow, there would only be room for 3 more) and there are almost 500 of you following this blog. xD

Also, I really hope the pictures are showing up in the right order, because something funky was going on when I saved them onto my computer and they ended up all out of order, and I lost track of which file was what. So this could potentially be embarrassing. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ll probably update you guys on Sunday as to how the signing went! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Hello, so you're going to the book tour! do you know what time it will be? thanks.. c:

If you’re talking about the one in Columbus, it starts at 7 pm :)

your first draft is awesome! Great job.

Yay! Thank you! :D